What are the best things to do in Exmouth?

Mangrove Bay

Mangrove Bay is a small sanctuary zone located on the western edge of Cape Range National Park. It has a beautiful stretch of beach where you can plan a day of swimming, surfing, and kayaking when you book Exmouth accommodation and flight packages. There’s also a mangrove lagoon located right beside the beach. This lagoon is one of the top spots for bird-watching while you’re visiting the Coral Coast on Exmouth holiday packages. Keep an eye out for kingfishers, pelicans, ospreys, and bar-shouldered doves.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing reef in Western Australia, stretching for an impressive 300 kilometres (186 miles). Spending some time at the reef tops the wish list for many visitors who plan a trip to WA’s Coral Coast with Exmouth packages. Snorkelling and diving tours are excellent ways to see the colourful coral up close. Scenic flights are also available, providing a unique view over Ningaloo Reef. About 500 different species of fish and marine animals can be spotted in Ningaloo Reef, and the whale shark is the most famous. See whale sharks and get the chance to swim with some by booking hotel and accommodation in Exmouth between March and July.

Charles Knife Canyon

The Coral Coast is especially known for its reefs and coastal activities, but there are also beautiful spots to see inland while holidaying on Exmouth holiday packages. Charles Knife Canyon is tucked into the Cape Range and has a rugged Outback feel to it. There’s a scenic Charles Knife Canyon drive which hugs the ridges of the Cape Range for 11 kilometres (6.8 miles). Head to the top of the Charles Knife Lookout for a view over the Cape Range and canyons that are about 311 metres (1,020 feet) deep. The lookout connects to the Badjirrajirra Trail, which is especially nice to hike if you book Exmouth packages for travel during the cooler months. It’s 6.8 kilometres (4.2 miles) long and offers access to spots like the Shothole Canyon and Thomas Carter Lookout.

What is the cost of visiting Exmouth?

Save money on your holiday by booking your hotel and flights with Webjet’s Exmouth accommodation and flight packages. Many options for hotels and accommodation in Exmouth fall somewhere between $150 and $250 AUD per night, but there are also budget-friendly options from about $100 AUD. You’ll pay less on accommodation by booking Exmouth packages versus paying for flights and hotel separately.

Having a car is the best way to get around Exmouth, and you can book one through Webjet. Budget about $50 AUD per day for a rental car when you book Exmouth holiday packages. You can pick the car up from Learmonth Airport or Exmouth town centre. A charter bus makes the journey from Learmonth Airport into the centre of town for visitors who choose not to rent a car after booking Exmouth holiday packages. The bus costs $40 AUD for adults and $25 AUD for kids. You could also opt for a taxi from the airport, which costs about $95 AUD.

There are so many free activities to enjoy while holidaying on Exmouth accommodation and flight packages. Pay a visit to spots like Mangrove Bay and Charles Knife Canyon as well as beaches all around the region. Taking the time to explore Ningaloo Reef is another must-do activity for many visitors holidaying on Exmouth packages. Go on a snorkelling day tour for about $150 to $200 AUD, hire a clear-bottom kayak for $45 AUD for a half day, or take a half hour scenic flight over Ningaloo Reef for about $165 AUD. Travellers who book hotel and accommodation in Exmouth for a holiday between March and July can also try something unique – swimming with whale sharks. Budget between $400 to $430 AUD for a full-day boat tour that includes plenty of time in the water with the whale sharks.

What should I pack for Exmouth?

Daytime temperatures are warm year-round in Exmouth, so pack lightweight clothing like shorts and t-shirts. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is also essential to explore the national parks and coastal trails around the region. You’ll likely experience chilly evening weather if you book Exmouth holiday packages for a getaway during the autumn, winter, or spring, so it’s a good idea to bring along some jeans and a light jacket as well. Spending time at the beach and visiting Ningaloo Reef are some of the most popular activities for travellers who book Exmouth packages. Pack a couple of swimsuits as well as a strong sunscreen that’s both waterproof and reef safe for the days you head into the water.