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What are the best things to do on Magnetic Island?

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Spending time on the Great Barrier Reef is at the top of the list for many travellers who book Magnetic Island holiday packages. Head out on a guided snorkelling tour for an up-close look at the beautiful reefs nearby. Travellers on a budget while holidaying on Magnetic Island packages don’t have to miss out – there are also beautiful snorkelling spots located just off shore. Rent snorkelling gear and head to places like Florence Bay and Geoffrey Bay.


Hike the Forts Walk

There are about 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) of hiking trails to explore while holidaying on Magnetic Island holiday packages, and the Fort Walk is one of the best. It stretches for 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) in the northeast corner of the island, combining scenic views with elements of history – World War II artefacts and fortifications can be spotted along the Forts Walk. The Forts Walk also features some of the most breathtaking views you’ll come across while visiting Queensland on Magnetic Island packages.


Visit Geoffrey Bay

There are nine main beaches to visit while holidaying on Magnetic Island accommodation and flight packages. Geoffrey Bay is a spot on the eastern side of the island that’s home to a beautiful stretch of sand and a range of water activities. It’s an excellent spot for getting out in the water to snorkel, kayak, or paddle board. Experienced divers holidaying on Magnetic Island holiday packages will also get the chance to see the famous Motke Wreck, which is located about 100 metres offshore. Also keep your eyes peeled for the rock wallabies that live at Geoffrey Bay.

When is the best time to visit Magnetic Island?

The island’s location in tropical Queensland means there are two main seasons to plan around when booking Magnetic Island holiday packages: wet and dry. 

The wet season lasts from December to April. It’s an excellent time to plan Magnetic Island packages to avoid crowds and find the lowest prices on hotel and accommodation on Magnetic Island. Temperatures typically reach 28°C during the day before cooling down to about 22°C in the evenings. There are some tropical rain showers, but you’re likely to encounter more sun than rain even during the wet season. Also note that wet season overlaps with much of stinger season, which is November to April. There are stinger nets at Picnic and Horseshoe Bays, but it’s a good idea to wear a stinger suit if swimming or snorkelling somewhere else around the island.

Dry season lasts from May to November and is the most popular time to travel on Magnetic Island accommodation and flight packages. You’ll see the island at its busiest by travelling on Magnetic Island packages between June and August. Find the best price on a hotel and accommodation on Magnetic Island by reserving your room far in advance. There’s very little rain during the dry season, and temperatures typically hover between 22° and 25°C during the day. Bring along a jacket and pants as well because nighttime temperatures can dip to about 12°C.

What is the cost of visiting Magnetic Island?

Save money by bundling your Magnetic Island flights and hotel with Webjet. Hotels and accommodation on Magnetic Island often cost between $150 and $200 AUD per night, but you’ll find even lower rates with package deals. You can also hire a car with Webjet after booking Magnetic Island accommodation and flight packages. Rental cars from Townsville Airport cost about $60 AUD (with a car ferry available between the mainland and Magnetic Island). You can also hire a car on-island for about $70 AUD per day.

You can also reach Magnetic Island by public transport after arriving into Townsville Airport. An airport shuttle is available to the Townsville ferry terminal. It costs $10 AUD for one person, $15 AUD for a couple, and $5 AUD per person for groups of three or more. From there, return tickets to Magnetic Island cost $30 AUD.

Hire cars are an efficient way to get around, but small topless cars are the most iconic way to explore while holidaying on Magnetic Island holiday packages. The cars often come in shades of pink, which has led to them being referred to as Barbie cars. Hire a Barbie car while holidaying on Magnetic Island packages for about $80 AUD per day.

The many different water sports on offer around the island are crowd favourites among travellers staying in hotels and accommodation on Magnetic Island. Hire snorkelling gear for about $15 AUD, or embark on a guided snorkelling or diving tour of the nearby reefs for about $150 to $200 AUD. Kayaking is another popular activity, and a guided kayak tour around Magnetic Island costs about $65 AUD.