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What are the best things to do in Monkey Mia?

Snorkel in Shark Bay Marine Park

Monkey Mia is located within Shark Bay Marine Park, and exploring this stunning reserve is at the top of the wish list for many travellers who book Monkey Mia packages. The marine park covers close to 750,000 hectares, and it’s teeming with coral, underwater meadows of seagrass, and marine animals like sea turtles, dugongs, and bottlenose dolphins. Book onto a guided snorkelling or diving tour to see the sights of Shark Bay Marine Park up close. There are so many sights to see around Shark Bay Marine Bay, so you may want to set aside several days for snorkelling after booking Monkey Mia holiday packages.


Shell Beach

Shell Beach is unlike any of the other coastal spots you’ll encounter while holidaying on Monkey Mia accommodation and flight packages. You won’t find any sand at Shell Beach – instead, you’ll see billions of small white shells. In fact, it’s only one of two beaches in the world to be made up completely of shells rather than sand. Shell Beach stretches for about 60 kilometres (37 miles) to the south of Monkey Mia. The water that borders Shell Beach is also unique, as its high saline level makes it easy for swimmers to float on the surface.


Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Hamelin Pool is one of the many fascinating places to discover while visiting Shark Bay with Monkey Mia packages. It’s home to a series of stromatolites – rock-like formations made from blue-green algae – which date back about 3.5 billion years. They’re considered to be living fossils, and Hamelin Pool is one of only two places on Earth that living stromatolites can be seen. See the stromatolites by taking a walk along the Hamelin Pool boardwalk. Visitors can also stop by the museum at the Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station to learn more about these prehistoric organisms.


Dirk Hartog Island

There are several exciting day trips to have on your radar after booking Monkey Mia holiday packages, including the nearby Dirk Hartog Island. The long and thin island stretches for about 80 kilometres (50 miles) to the west of Monkey Mia, and it’s the westernmost point in Australia. There are many natural landmarks to see on Dirk Hartog Island, including a series of blow holes, the pink-hued Rose Lake, dramatic cliffs, and gorgeous beaches. Dirk Hartog Island is also an excellent spot for water activities like snorkelling, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Visitors holidaying on Monkey Mia packages can take 4WD cars across to the island on a barge, and there are also guided day tours departing from the town of Denham.

When is the best time to visit Monkey Mia?

You can look forward to warm daytime temperatures regardless of when you’ll be travelling on Monkey Mia holiday packages. Dolphins can also be spotted offshore year-round – something that’s on the wish list for many visitors holidaying on Monkey Mia packages. 

Summer days often reach about 35°C with little to no rain. This excellent beach-going weather makes summer the most popular time to travel on Monkey Mia accommodation and flight packages. Lock in the best price on a hotel and accommodation in Monkey Mia by booking early.

Autumn and spring are the two shoulder seasons, and the warm weather means they’re also great times to travel on Monkey Mia holiday packages. Temperatures typically range between 27° to 30°C in the autumn and between 25° to 30°C during the spring months.

Monkey Mia enjoys mild winter weather with warm and sunny days and only a few rainy days per month on average. Visitors who book winter Monkey Mia packages can make the most of daytime temperatures averaging 24°C. Evenings cool to around 10°C, so pack some jeans and a jacket as well. You may come across some tourists looking to escape cooler temperatures in other parts of the country, but for the most part, winter is the least busy season and the best time to score a bargain on hotels and accommodation in Monkey Mia.


How much time should I spend in Monkey Mia?

Monkey Mia is an excellent long-weekend getaway spot for travellers from Western Australia. Have a look at hotels and accommodation in Monkey Mia for three to four days, which will give you time to see the area to the fullest. Are you looking into Monkey Mia accommodation and flight packages from the east coast? Extend your time in WA and make the most of the longer flight time by booking Monkey Mia holiday packages for about a week. See the area at a slow pace and plan a few full-day snorkelling or sightseeing tours of the region.