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What are the best things to do on Rottnest Island?

Meet the local quokkas

Snapping a selfie with one of the resident quokkas is a popular activity for many travellers who book Rottnest Island holiday packages. Quokkas are adorable animals native to Rottnest Island, and more than 10,000 call the island home. They aren’t limited to one area – you’ll have a chance of spotting quokkas wherever you go on Rottnest Island. Quokkas are friendly, and have an expression that gives them the appearance of smiling. Visitors holidaying on Rottnest Island packages are welcome to watch the quokkas and take photos with them, but avoid touching them or giving them food.


Cape Vlamingh

Cape Vlamingh is the westernmost place to see while holidaying on Rottnest Island accommodation and flight packages. The Cape features a dramatic shoreline with excellent views of the ocean and Rottnest Island coast. The Cape Vlamingh Heritage Trail stretches for 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) and takes visitors holidaying on Rottnest Island packages past the Cape’s best views. Quokkas can often be seen around Cape Vlamingh, and you may even catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins offshore.


Rottnest Island Heritage Trails

Gain insight into the island’s history while travelling on Rottnest Island holiday packages by joining a free walking tour. Several walking tours are available daily, and each one departs from the Meeting Post outside Rottnest Island Visitor Centre. Free walking tours take visitors to places like Bathurst Lighthouse and Vlamingh Lookout while sharing stories of Rottnest Island’s shipwrecks and its history as a prison. There’s also a Quokka Walk that teaches visitors holidaying on Rottnest Island packages more about quokkas and takes them to spots where quokka sightings are highly likely.

What is the cost of visiting Rottnest Island?

Save on both flights and accommodation by booking Webjet’s Rottnest Island holiday packages for your next getaway. Hotels and accommodation on Rottnest Island range in price from about $145 AUD to $275 AUD per night. However, you’ll pay even less by bundling that cost together with your flights.

The best way to reach the island is to book Rottnest Island packages arriving into Perth then catching a ferry from the mainland. Ferries are available from Fremantle and central Perth with tickets costing $25.50 AUD for adults and $12.75 AUD for children. Once you arrive, there’s an admission fee to Rottnest Island. Tickets for overnight guests booked into a hotel and accommodation on Rottnest Island cost $25.50 AUD for adults and $8.50 AUD for kids.

There are a few different ways to make your way around while holidaying on Rottnest Island accommodation and flight packages. The Island Explorer is a hop-on hop-off bus that makes 19 stops at major hubs around Rottnest Island. Unlimited day passes for the bus cost $20 AUD for adults and $15 AUD for children. There’s also a shuttle bus that makes stops at the small Rottnest Island Airport, Geordie Bay, Kingstown Barracks, and the Visitor Centre. Shuttle bus fare costs $3 AUD. Hiring a bike is another popular mode of transport for visitors holidaying on Rottnest Island packages. Daily bike rental costs about $30 AUD for adults and $20 AUD for kids.

There are dozens of free activities to add to your to-do list after booking Rottnest Island holiday packages. Visit the various beaches, take a guided heritage walk from the Visitor Centre, and see quokkas. Other activities to enjoy include climbing the Wadjemup Lighthouse and visiting the Oliver Hill Battery, each of which costs $9 AUD for adults and $4 AUD for children.

When is the best time to visit Rottnest Island?

Summer is the most popular season to book Rottnest Island accommodation and flight packages, and it’s also the best time for beach-hopping. The summer months see very little rain with temperatures that average 27°C but can sometimes reach up to 40°C. The excellent weather leads to large crowds, particularly over the weekends, so book your flights and hotel early for the best deal.

Autumn and spring are the two shoulder seasons with daytime temperatures often ranging between 19° and 24°C. The nice weather makes this a good time for spending time outdoors without the same crowds as the summer peak season.

Winter is the low season on Rottnest Island. Crowds thin out a bit but not completely – the island is a popular day-trip destination from Perth all year round. However, a lower volume of overnight guests means winter is when you’ll find the lowest rates on hotels and accommodation on Rottnest Island. Look forward to pleasant daytime temperatures of about 17°C and chillier evenings of about 12°C. Rain is also fairly common in the winter, so don’t forget to pack an umbrella if you book Rottnest Island holiday packages at this time.