Holiday Packages to Uluru and Ayers Rock

What are the best things to do in Uluru/Ayers Rock?

Uluru Base Walk

See Uluru from every angle while holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages by completing the 10-kilometre (six mile) base walk. This walk is one of the best ways to see Uluru up close and connect with the Indigenous history connected to this massive monolith. Some places to experience along the Uluru Base Walk include Kantju Gorge, Mutitjulu Waterhole, and many examples of ancient rock art. The base walk can take a few hours to complete, so start early. Leave your hotel and accommodation in Uluru/Ayers Rock to see the bright red glow of the rock at sunrise, then begin the hike shortly after.

Kata Tjuta

Uluru isn’t the only major landmark to experience when you book Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages. The national park is also home to another impressive group of rock formations called Kata Tjuta, or the Olgas. Kata Tjuta are domed rock formations that have the same fiery red shade as Uluru. It’s beautiful to see at both sunrise and sunset, and it also features some scenic hikes. Spots to experience at Kata Tjuta include the Valley of the Winds base walk and Walpa Gorge. Set aside a day to explore the natural beauty of Kata Tjuta while holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages.

Sounds of Silence Dinner

For an extra special experience, plan to attend the Sounds of Silence dinner when you book Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages. The evening begins with wine and canapes while the sun sets over Uluru, causing it to illuminate in a bright red hue. Once the sun has gone down, Sounds of Silence guests are served a three-course meal inspired by native bush tucker ingredients. After dinner, admire the clear Outback sky and listen to a resident astronomer point out the Southern Cross, Milky Way, and other elements of the night sky.

What should I pack for Uluru/Ayers Rock?

Hiking is the main activity to take part in while visiting the Red Centre on Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages. Make sure to bring along some sturdy and comfortable shoes, ideally in a dark colour so they don’t get stained by the rust red sand of Uluru. Along with shoes, bring along comfortable hiking clothes such as leggings or shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. Strong sunscreen and a refillable water bottle are also a good idea to carry with you while holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages.

In addition to hiking clothes and accessories, you may need to bring some layers and warmer clothes if you book Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages in the winter. Bring along some jeans as well as a jumper, coat, and hat to put on at night when the sun goes down and the temperature gets chilly.

Casual clothing is perfect to wear during the day while holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages, but you may want to bring along something dressier to wear to dinner. If you’ll be attending the Sounds of Silence dinner while visiting on Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages, a dress and sandals or a pair of trousers with a crisp shirt are perfect.

When is the best time to visit Uluru/Ayers Rock?

The temperatures of Uluru vary drastically throughout the year, so you’ll have a different experience based on when you book hotel and accommodation in Uluru/Ayers Rock. Summer gets hot with average daytime temperatures of about 35°C. If you book Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages during this season, be sure to start hikes early in the morning. As the midday heat sets in, certain hiking trails may be closed after about 11am or noon.

On the other hand, winter experiences beautiful daytime temperatures that are ideal for hiking. If you visit the Red Centre with Uluru/Ayers Rock packages in winter, expect clear blue skies with temperatures of about 18°C during the day. As Uluru is located in the heart of the desert, the temperature drops fast after the sun goes down. Nighttime temperatures can drop below 0°C, so a warm coat is essential. Since winter brings the best weather for hiking, this is the most popular time for visitors to book hotel and accommodation in Uluru/Ayers Rock. Book your Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages early to lock in the best rate.

If you want to avoid the heat of summer and the heightened crowds and prices of winter, consider booking Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages in the shoulder seasons of spring or autumn. During these seasons, daytime temperatures vary between about 25 and 30°C.