Beach Holiday Packages

Planning a holiday by the water’s edge? Make planning your coastal break easier with one of Webjet’s great beach holiday packages.

Regardless of if you’re planning a beachside escape with the whole family, looking to enjoy a relaxed couples break or travelling solo, Webjet offers plenty of great beach holiday packages to match most budgets and travel preferences.

From the golden beaches of the Australian east coast through to the sun drenched stretches of sand of the South Pacific, Bali, the Mediterranean, Miami and beyond, there’s no shortage of destinations perfect for setting down a towel and enjoying a swim. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quick weekend getaway just a few hours flight from home or are wanting to feel the sand between your toes on a different continent, there are plenty of great beach side spots just waiting to be discovered.

Offering everything from budget friendly hostel beds through to 5 star hotel rooms, there’s a wide variety of waterside stays to choose from. Enjoy enough room for the whole family in a serviced apartment, meet like minded in local backpacker’s accommodation or cosy up with the special someone in your life and watch the waves roll in from a hotel balcony.

Whether you’re wanting to enjoy a quick break away or are looking to stay close to the water for an extended period of time, Webjet’s beach holiday packages help you to get more value for your dollar. Simply select your accommodation, choose your travel dates and save!

Packing Tips for Beach Holidays

No matter where you’re travelling, here are some of the most essential items you want to pack once you’ve bought your beach holiday packages:

Swimsuit: Always pack at least two swimsuits so you can wear one while the other is drying.

Beach cover-up: Beach cover-ups or sarongs are a multi-purpose item. You can use as a statement piece walking to and from the beach, and a sarong can also be fashioned into a makeshift bag if you need to carry towels, bottles of sunscreens or shoes. If you've booked beach accommodation and flight packages to a more conservative destination, you can use your sarong to cover your shoulders or legs when visiting temples or other religious sites.

Jacket: Tropical paradises such as Bali or Fiji can get experience cooler temperatures once the sun sets. Keep a light jacket in your bag in case the temperature drops and you need to warm up.

Footwear: Before leaving for your beach holiday packages, you'll want to make sure you've packed a pair of thongs and sandals. Both are beach holiday must-haves to help you easily transition from a long day at the beach to dinner in town.

Snorkel: If you're looking to save money on your beach holiday packages, bring a snorkel set with you. You won't need to rent snorkel gear every single day, and it gives you the freedom to go exploring if you come across a hidden beach or lagoon.

Water bottle: It's easy to get dehydrated while soaking up the sun’s rays and cooling off in the water. Instead of buying plastic bottles every single day, pack a reusable water bottle that you can fill up as you go.

Travelling with Kids to the Beach

Choose the right beach

When you're buying beach packages for the whole family, you need to do your research to choose the right beach. You'll want to look for an option that has calm waters and gentle currents, plus any options with dedicated paddling pools or nearby playgrounds is always a bonus.

Check to see if there is a lifeguard on duty

Always prioritise visiting a beach that is patrolled by lifeguards or lifesavers. And when at these beaches, always be sure to swim between the flags if possible. Avoid swimming in unfamiliar breaks or currents at beaches where there aren’t other locals or holidaymakers around.

Keep your kids in the shade between 10am and 4pm

Nothing will put a dampener on enjoying your beach holiday packages like sunburn. Staying in the shade between 10am and 4pm will help you avoid the harshest UV rays, although the likelihood of you staying indoors all day while on holiday may not always be realistic. So, it can be handy to pack your own beach umbrella or sun shade that you can use while laying by the pool or relaxing on the sand.

Use sunblock spray

Have kids that won’t stand still for a thorough sunscreen application? Make things easier by bringing along sunblock spray.

Top Beach Holiday Destinations


Bali has some of the best hotel and accommodation beach options for Australians. It's Seminyak Beach attracts hundreds of tourists each year. There is an impressive 5-kilometre stretch of sand lined with trendy beach bars, 5-star hotels and some of Bali's top restaurants.

If you're buying beach packages for the whole family, plan your trip around Nusa Dua Beach. There are family-friendly restaurants, water sports and luxury hotels. Other popular destinations that offer great-value beach holiday packages include Kuta, Ubud and Uluwatu.


Home to more than 300 islands, Fiji boasts some of the world's most beautiful beaches and colourful coral reefs. Castaway Island is a favourite among Australians booking beach accommodation and flight packages. It forms part of the Mamanuca Chain, and the island is home to pristine beaches, lush rainforest and a four-star resort. If you are buying beach holiday packages for you and your partner, you can't go wrong with Tokoriki Island. It has an adults-only resort and the beautiful Liku Beach that is almost one-kilometre long.


Another top beach accommodation and flight packages destination for Australians is Thailand. The Southeast Asian country boasts some incredible beaches and islands to explore. One of the most popular destinations for beach packages in Thailand is Patong on Phuket Island. You'll find everything from soft white sand, delicious restaurants and a vibrant nightlife all within walking distance of each other. You can also find beach holiday packages on Webjet to other Thai destinations such as Koh Samui, Krabi and Koh Tao.

Byron Bay

Want to explore your own backyard in Australia? Book beach holiday packages to Byron Bay! It's famous for its surf breaks, crystal-clear water, vibrant nightlife and some of the best beaches in the world.

If it's your first time visiting Byron Bay, buy hotel and accommodation beach packages that are close to Wategos Beach. This area is surrounded by mountains and is only a five-minute drive from the city centre.

For surfers buying beach packages to Byron Bay, you'll want to spend at least one day at The Pass. It has the longest right-hand point break! You can also spot dolphins, turtles and migrating whales from the nearby Fisherman's Lookout.

Want to explore more of Australia with beach holiday packages from Webjet? Look to destinations such as the Sunshine Coast, Port Douglas, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Hamilton Island, and more.