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Shanghai Holiday Packages

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What are the dos and don'ts of visiting Shanghai?

Choose your gifts wisely

If you're buying a Shanghai holiday package to visit a local friend or colleague, there are a few things you'll want to avoid. When purchasing a gift, avoid white and yellow flowers which are reserved for funerals. You'll also want to avoid clocks and watches as the items imply the receiver’s days are numbered.

Don't leave an empty plate

Planning on dining out while on your Shanghai travel package? Be aware of Chinese etiquette when eating at someone’s home.

When dining in Shanghai, always leave some food on your plate. An empty plate tells the host that they did not make enough food, and it can be a reason for embarrassment.

Be careful with your chopsticks

Before you depart on your Shanghai holiday package, learn about chopstick etiquette. Whether you're eating at a restaurant or in someone's home, avoid sticking your chopsticks upright into a bowl of rice. It has connotations of funeral rituals. It's also impolite to tap your chopsticks against the bowl.

Tipping in Shanghai

There isn't a tipping culture in China. However, if you're buying a Shanghai holiday package and staying in a Western hotel chain, tipping may be more accepted. If you're not sure what to do, ask the staff or observe your fellow guests.

What's on in Shanghai?

Peach Blossom Festival

The Peach Blossom Festival takes place in March and April. During springtime, the city turns pink with beautiful blossoms and this becomes one of the most popular times of year to visit on a Shanghai holiday package. The best places to see the flowers are in Shanghai Nanhui Datuan Peach Blossom Park, Century Park and Nanhui Peach Blossom Village.

Shanghai International Literary Festival

The Shanghai International Literary Festival is one of the largest book festivals in China and getting involved in the festival will be a tempting reason for bibliophiles to book a Shanghai travel package. The annual week-long event takes place in March. If you book your Shanghai trip package over the festival’s dates, you can attend discussions and interactive forums with emerging Chinese and international authors.

Dragon Boat Festival

Plan your Shanghai holiday package around one of the most exciting cultural events in China. The Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and attracts spectators from all over the country. It's a wonderful festival for visitors to soak up Chinese culture and learn about a tradition that has been around since the Warring States Period (476 - 221 BC).

Shanghai International Film Festival

If you're a movie buff thinking about booking a Shanghai holiday package, book your trip for June. The Shanghai International Film Festival is a prestigious event that showcases the best independent films, from both local and international storytellers and filmmakers.

The event takes place over 10 days, and if you book your Shanghai trip package over the festival, you can watch movies at more than 40 cinemas across the city. As it's a popular festival, you'll need to secure your Shanghai travel package in advance and get your tickets to the films as early as possible.

What are Shanghai's most famous landmarks and monuments?

The Bund

The Bund (also known as Zhongshan Lu) is a broad promenade that runs along the Huangpujiang River. Here you’ll find many old French and English buildings from when the area was used as the city's International Settlement.

Today, the Bund is home to boutique shops, art galleries and restaurants. Travellers buying a Shanghai travel package for a holiday with their kids should visit Huangpu Park. It's located at the north end of The Bund and is the oldest public park in China.

Yu Garden

Step back in time and explore the city's Yu Garden, also known as the Garden of Happiness. It’s one of the best things to do for travellers buying a Shanghai holiday package and the grounds cover 20,000 square metres.

One of the top attractions inside the garden is the Hall of Spring. History buffs wanting to buy a Shanghai trip package may be familiar with the Hall as the place where the Company of the Little Swords had their headquarters when they ruled Shanghai between 1853 and 1855.

The Jade Buddha Temple

If you're buying a Shanghai travel package eager to learn more about Chinese history and culture, a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple should be on your itinerary. The Temple is located in the Anyuan Lu district and is made up of three halls and two courtyards.

The Hall of the Kings of Heaven is where visitors will find a two-metre-high statue that has been carved from white jade. There's also a collection of ancient Buddhist manuscripts.

St. Ignatius Cathedral (Xujiahui Cathedral)

The St. Ignatius Cathedral is a beautiful example of the city's multicultural heritage. Built in 1911, the Neo-Romanesque church is the largest Roman Catholic place of worship in the city. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re purchasing a Shanghai holiday package and also happen to love architecture!