Explore Greece holiday packages

What should I know before visiting Greece?

Carry cash

If you book Greece holiday packages that has you visiting major tourist areas, you can expect most to many shops and restaurants do accept credit cards. However, as you head off the beaten track, shops and restaurants can be cash only or have a minimum credit card spend. When you book Greece accommodation and flight packages, change some dollars into euros before catching your flight.


Obtain an international driving permit if you plan to rent a car

Outside of Athens and major hubs, visitors holidaying on Greece packages can benefit from renting a car. Hiring a car with Webjet offers an extra level of freedom to explore the gorgeous landscapes of mainland Greece and its islands. Note that there’s a minimum age to rent a car in Greece, which varies between 21 and 23 depending on location.


Book early, especially in summer

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe thanks to its gorgeous islands and rich history. To ensure the best deals, book hotels and accommodation in Greece early, particularly if you’ll be visiting during the summer high season.

Where are the best places to stay in Greece?


Santorini is one of the most picture-perfect and romantic spots to visit with Greece packages. The island features hills of white washed houses topped with bright blue domed roofs. There’s an interesting mix of beaches on Santorini – some feature pristine white sand while others are made of volcanic black rock. There are several ways to experience Santorini, including coastal walks, vineyards, ruins dating back to Ancient Greece, and the charming town of Oia.



As the Greek capital and the country’s largest city, Athens is a great place to start after arriving on Greece holiday packages. The city was once the centre of the Greek Empire, and it's still home to several landmarks from that time period. Athens landmarks to see while holidaying on Greece packages include the Acropolis, Temple of Hephaestus, and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The contrast between ancient and modern buildings gives Athens an incredible allure that few cities around the world can match. Athens also has some of the best of the best shopping, dining, and nightlife in the country.



If you want the perfect balance of the beauty of the Greek islands along with vibrant nightlife, consider booking Greece packages to Mykonos. Similar to Santorini, Mykonos has white-washed buildings that contrasts beautifully with the bright blue water of the Aegean Sea. Visit the museums and castle in the town of Hora, lounge on the beaches, and wander the colourful “Little Venice” portion of the island during the day. Then as the sun starts to set, sit down to a sunset meal while overlooking the sea before hitting the lively bars and nightclubs.

What is the cost of visiting Greece?

There are several costs to budget for when you book Greece holiday packages. To save on both flights and hotels and accommodation in Greece, take advantage of Webjet’s package holidays. A guide to accommodation in Athens and the main islands of Greece costs is about $200 to $250 AUD per night. On the smaller, off-the-beaten-track islands, you can find nice hotels and accommodation in Greece for less than $100 AUD per night.

Greece’s two largest cities – Athens and Thessaloniki – operate extensive public transport systems. If you’ll be spending time in the capital Athens, plan to pay €1.40 ($2.45 AUD) for the metro, buses, and trams. If you’ll be visiting Thessaloniki while holidaying on Greece packages, public bus fare is €1 ($1.75 AUD).

The Greek archipelago is made up of about 6,000 islands. Take the time to explore a couple of these isles while travelling on Greece accommodation and flight packages. It’s easy to travel between islands and the mainland by ferry. Ferries from Athens cost €20 ($35 AUD) to Santorini, €40 ($70 AUD) to Mykonos, €30 ($52.50 AUD) to Crete, and €45 ($78.70 AUD) to both Corfu and Rhodes.

The Greek archipelago is teeming with historic landmarks to experience when you book Greece holiday packages. The Acropolis, which is also home to the Parthenon, costs €20 ($35 AUD) to visit.


How much time should I spend in Greece?

There’s so much to see and do across the country when you book Greece holiday packages. For a quick introduction to the country, consider booking Greece accommodation and flight packages for seven days. During that week, you’ll have plenty of time to see Athens and one island at a relaxed pace. If you have a bit more time, booking Greece accommodation and flight packages for two weeks will allow you to see much more. Start or end your holiday in Athens with side trips to three of the unique Greek islands.