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What are the best places to stay in Sri Lanka?


Located on the southwest coast, Colombo is the capital and largest city in Sri Lanka. Its international airport receives the majority of flights from overseas, making Colombo a great place to start your adventure upon book Sri Lanka holiday packages. Local markets and booming restaurant and nightlife scenes are major draws for visitors holidaying on Sri Lanka packages. There are also a few beaches around Colombo that have a cool downtown feel to them. Consider booking a hotel and accommodation in Sri Lanka’s capital for a taste of the country’s urban culture and easy connections to many of the country’s other top destinations.


Kandy is a small city tucked into the hills of central Sri Lanka. While Colombo is fast-paced and more modern, Kandy offers a more laid-back atmosphere to visitors with Sri Lanka holiday packages. While Kandy is slowly modernising, its traditional roots are still present around the city. There are a variety of temples and a great local food scene to discover when you book Sri Lanka packages to visit Kandy. Top attractions include the Temple of the Tooth and Kandy Lake. Just outside the city limits, you’ll also be able to discover lush green forests and tea plantations where you’ll get a taste of rural Sri Lanka.


If you’re hoping to spend your days beach-hopping and surfing, consider booking Sri Lanka accommodation and flight packages to Galle. Galle is located on the southern coast of the country and has a lot to offer tourists. Its gorgeous beaches and the Galle Fort are the main attractions, and the city also has beautiful architecture and laneways lined with cool cafes and art galleries. In the evening, central Galle comes alive with a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. Galle is the perfect place to stay with Sri Lanka holiday packages to experience the bohemian beach culture of the country.


When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has wet and dry seasons, however, it’s unique in the way it actually experiences two wet seasons as these conditions affect different parts of the island. When you book hotel and accommodation in Sri Lanka between May and September, you may encounter monsoons if travelling along the west and south coasts. Colombo, Galle and other areas on the west coast may see heavy rain a few times a week and average temperatures of about 30°C. Since this wet season only affects half of the country, you can still enjoy sunshine and outdoor activities by booking Sri Lanka holiday packages to the north and east coasts between May and September.

Once December arrives, the south and western sides of Sri Lanka are dry and sunny while heavy rains hit the north and east coasts. If you book Sri Lanka accommodation and flight packages between December and March, stick to the southwest if you want to visit beaches and spend lots of time outdoors. Inland areas, such as Kandy, receive a bit of rain from each monsoon season but tend to be relatively drier during this period.

Booking Sri Lanka accommodation and flight packages for travel in April, October, or November means you’ll land during the sweet spot between monsoon seasons. This is the ideal time to book hotel and accommodation in Sri Lanka if you want to visit destinations on both sides of the country. You may experience some rain – Sri Lanka is in the tropics after all – but less than you would if you travelled with Sri Lanka packages during the wet seasons.


What should I pack for Sri Lanka?

No matter what time of year you book Sri Lanka packages, prepare for warm weather. Pack lightweight clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, and a hat to shade yourself from the strong sun. A couple of swimsuits are essential if you’ll be visiting the coasts of Sri Lanka, and sturdy hiking shoes are a must if you’ll be exploring the hills and forests of Tea Country.

Sunscreen is pricey in Sri Lanka, so it’s best to pack your own when you book Sri Lanka holiday packages. Make sure you get a reef safe sunscreen to do your part in protecting the country’s coral reefs. Whether you book Sri Lanka packages for travel during the wet or dry season, bring along an umbrella. Sri Lankan weather can be unpredictable, so there’s a chance you’ll experience rainfall even during the dry months. Finally, you’ll need a power adapter to plug in electronics. Power points in Sri Lanka accept plug types D and G.