Koh Samui Holiday Packages

Major Events and Festivals

Songkran Thai New Year

Songkran is a famous Thai holiday celebrated in mid-April each year. This holiday uses water fights and vibrant colours to ring in the Thai New Year. If you book Koh Samui accommodation and flight packages during Songkran, expect to see locals spraying each other with water guns in the streets, and prepare for the chance of you getting doused yourself! In Thailand, water is seen as purifying; getting soaked in a water fight is believed to cleanse people of anything bad that happened in the previous year, so they can start the new year fresh.

Loy Krathong

While the exact day of Loy Krathong varies, you’ll likely get to experience it if you plan Koh Samui holiday packages in early November. Loy Krathong is also known as the Festival of Lights and celebrates the Hindu goddess of the Ganges River. During Loy Krathong, Thai cities are adorned with lights, and floating lanterns are placed in the sea. Other festivities to enjoy if you plan Koh Samui packages during the festival are fireworks and markets.

Visakha Bucha Day

Visakha Bucha celebrates three major points in Buddha’s life: his birth, enlightenment, and death. When you have hotel and accommodation Koh Samui during Visakha Bucha Day in May, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Thailand’s spiritual side. On this day, many locals visit temples to pay their respects to Buddha. Within temples, visitors with Koh Samui packages can witness processions of monks and floating lanterns being released. If you visit a temple on Visakha Bucha Day, make sure your arms and legs are covered, and be respectful of the locals who are there to pray.

Travelling with Children on Koh Samui Packages

Pink Elephant Samui Water Park

For an exciting way to cool off from the Koh Samui heat, plan a day at the Pink Elephant Samui Water Park. Visitors with Koh Samui packages can enjoy colourful and thrilling rides. The main attractions are the three largest slides that reach 12 metres (40 feet) into the air. Other attractions to enjoy when you have hotel and accommodation Koh Samui are a wave pool, lazy river, a childrens’ play area, and jacuzzis.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong is one of the top attractions in the Thai Islands and a must-see when you book Koh Samui holiday packages. The national marine park is located north of Koh Samui and is accessible as a day trip. There are 42 small islets within Ang Thong National Marine Park, which are home to tropical jungles, hiking trails, snorkelling opportunities and stunning beaches. Visitors with Koh Samui holiday packages can also see animals such as monkeys and dolphins in Ang Thong National Marine Park; however, warn the children not to get too close to monkeys as they could get aggressive.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

One of the most iconic activities in Thailand is to interact with some of the country’s elephants. Samui Elephant Sanctuary is an ethical elephant attraction in the island’s northeast. When you book Koh Samui holiday packages, children of all ages are welcomed at the sanctuary to learn more about elephants and observe them in their natural habitat. Educational tours offer visitors with Koh Samui accommodation and flight packages the opportunity to feed and walk alongside the elephants.

Public Transport and How to Get Around with Koh Samui Holiday Packages

There are a variety of transportation options when you book Koh Samui accommodation and flight packages. The most affordable option is to catch a songthaew. These are converted pick-up trucks that operate as buses. On the front of songthaews, you’ll see a sign that states what the final destination is. Note that the signs are in Thai, so you may want to plan ahead on which Thai characters to look for. Songthaews don’t make set stops like Australian buses do, so they can take some getting used to. Simply wave to an approaching songthaew if you’d like to get on, then hop off whenever you’ve reached your destination.

For a simpler mode of transport, you could catch taxis, which are widely available across Koh Samui. Most taxi drivers in Koh Samui do not use the meter, so be sure to negotiate the price before setting off. A fair rate for a taxi is about 70 baht (about $3.30 AUD) per kilometre travelled. If you book solo hotel and accommodation in Koh Samui, Thailand, you can also catch a motorbike taxi, which offers an exciting and truly Thai experience.

If you’re looking for extra freedom to explore when you book Koh Samui packages, another option is to rent a car. Rental cars can be booked from Koh Samui Airport through Webjet.