Port Vila Holiday Packages

The Best Time to Visit with Port Vila Holiday Packages

For ideal weather when you book Port Vila accommodation and flight packages, plan your holiday for travel between April and October. This is the dry season in Vanuatu when there is a lower chance of rain, and temperatures hover around 28°C. However, this nice weather also brings in larger crowds. During this peak season in Vanuatu, you may find higher rates for hotel and accommodation Port Vila. For a quieter experience, you could book Port Vila packages for the wet season between November and March. While this season has more frequent rain showers, they rarely last long and are not likely to interfere with your plans. Temperatures during the wet season are about 31°C during the day with some humidity.

Top Things to Do and See

Vanuatu National Museum

If you’re curious to learn more about the history and culture of Vanuatu, plan a visit to the national museum when you book Port Vila packages. The museum is located in the heart of Port Vila and features a variety of exhibits that showcase the diverse cultures of the country. Artefacts that you can see within the Vanuatu National Museum when you book Port Vila packages include traditional masks and gongs, outrigger canoes, fossils, and prehistoric shells. Entrance to the museum costs 1000 vatu (about $12.50 AUD) for adults and 500 vatu (about $6.25 AUD) for children.

Ekasup Village

Although Ekasup is situated right beside bustling Port Vila, it offers a completely unique experience to the island’s capital. Ekasup is a cultural village where visitors with hotel and accommodation Port Vila can learn more about Vanuatu directly from locals. While visiting Ekasup, you’ll hear stories about the islanders’ ancestors and learn their techniques in the areas of farming, fishing, architecture, and medicine. You could visit during the day or attend a Melanesian feast which is held every Friday night. During this event, visitors with Port Vila holiday packages are invited to enjoy a local feast and watch traditional Vanuatuan dances.

Snorkel at the Underwater Post Office

There are a variety of snorkelling spots to check out when you book Port Vila packages. For a unique experience, visit the Underwater Port Office, which is easily accessible from town. It is a fully operating post office, and visitors are able to purchase waterproof postcards. Take a deep breath and swim the short distance down to the post office to send your postcard out. As well as seeing the Underwater Post Office, visitors with Port Vila holiday packages can go snorkelling around the area to spot colourful coral and tropical fish.

Port Vila Markets

When you book hotel and accommodation Port Vila, walk through the Port Vila Markets for a snapshot into local life. Port Vila Markets are open-air and located beside Vila Bay, making for a spectacular shopping experience. The markets are divided into three sections and feature stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, and cooked-to-order local food. As you explore the markets, all of your senses will be stimulated by the many smells, sounds, and sights of Port Vila. When you book Port Vila packages, pick up some souvenirs, such as banana leaf baskets, local art, and brightly coloured clothing from the markets to remember your trip.

Packing Tips for Port Vila Accommodation and Flight Packages

No matter what time you book Port Vila holiday packages, expect warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Bring shorts, lightweight dresses, sandals, swimsuits, sunglasses, and a sunhat. These are appropriate to wear around your hotel and in the island hub of Port Vila. If you’ll be visiting any spiritual sites or small villages, bring along a sarong or scarf that you can use to cover your legs and shoulders. If you’re hoping to experience the jungle and mountains of Vanuatu, a pair of sturdy hiking shoes are another essential when you book Port Vila accommodation and flight packages.

How Much Time to Spend in Port Vila

When you prepare for an island getaway with Port Vila holiday packages, plan to spend about seven to ten days. Divide your time between sightseeing days and relaxing days, which will allow you to experience both the adventurous and calm sides to Vanuatu.